Ubu Sux: LIVE!

(Tapere Nui, Te Auaha - 65 Dixon Street ,Te Aro)

It's citizen versus Czar in this totally original, entirely reimagined adaptation of Jarry's classic satire Ubu Rex, LIVE at Te Auaha!

Who gets airtime?

Who commands the stage?


A riotous dark comedy with political undertones, UBU SUX is a new, multimedia adaptation of Alfred Jarry's classic satire Ubu Rex, adapted, repurposed and amplified for right here, right now. 

Grotesque, ridiculous and deeply profound, this production asks some hard questions about 'the economy of influence'. Relevant, contemporary and pointed, UBU SUX is also very VERY funny - there are stupid hats and all kinds of jokes (including some that speak to questionable tastes). And there's also a bear! Why? You'll have to watch to find out... 

UBU SUX Teaser title screen[Watch what you're watching. Attention is currency - that's why you pay it.]