From Topp to Bottom

(Cinema, Te Auaha, 65 Dixon Street)

Presented by Splitelevision Productions as part of NEW ZEALAND FRINGE FESTIVAL 2020! 

Join private investigators Dom Topp and Taegen Typpe in an interactive film/theatre show where they try to solve queer comedy mysteries - with help from you!

An experimental detective noir film where your choices affect the story, case, and killer, creating a different experience of the show each night.

This is the second NZ Fringe Festival show created and produced by SPLITelevision Productions, with a lot of the team returning after performing "Yesterday, In Space" in 2019.

Please come and support our creative cast and crew as they experiment and experience a whole new range of mediums, genre, and styles while trying to create quality... content? 



From Topp to Bottom3


  • Lou Prior as TAEGEN TYPPE
  • Mark Whittet as DOMINIC 'DOM' TOPP 


  • Alex MacCormick
  • Amy Booth
  • Andrew Fabling
  • Anna Pātete
  • Beth Marriott
  • Brodie Taurima
  • Charlie Leeming
  • Cole Hampton
  • Elishia Ward
  • Emii Wilson
  • Emma Maguire
  • Eva Lockhart
  • Jade Jackson
  • Jess Gallagher
  • Jules Daniel
  • Lilly Haughey
  • Lucy Jones
  • Molly Smith
  • Monica Reid
  • Nathan Wallis
  • Taniora Tamati-Rakete
  • Tara Weston-Webb
  • Tom Collins
  • Troy J Malcolm
  • Wesley Hollis


  • Green Warrior Productions
  • Is This Relatable Content?
  • Louise Beryl Design
  • New Zealand School of Film and Television
  • NZ Fringe Festival
  • Te Auaha
  • Tempest Theatre Co.