Declarations of Love (And Other Useless Things)

(Tapere Iti, Te Auaha, 65 Dixon Street)

Presented by Tempest Theatre Co as part of NEW ZEALAND FRINGE FESTIVAL 2020! 

Part solo show, part deranged raving, Emma Maguire’s here to chat about romance novels. And maybe dance a bit. Declarations of Love (And Other Useless Things) is a feminist satire show, of a sort, brought to life with music, ballroom dancing, and consensual objectification.

It's a celebration of the romance novel - as long as we all acknowledge that romance fiction is trash too, sometimes.

Featuring the answer to questions like -

“Would sexbots join a union?”


“Is this [REDACTED] sexy?”

As well as a series of stand-alone vignettes -

“The Guy Whose Body I’m Possessing is a Dumbass”
“Polyamorous Guys on Tinder”
“Uncomfortable Moments with Strangers in Elevators”

Alongside others.

Declarations of Love (And Other Useless Things) is rewriting romance for the modern era.

It might just make you reconsider that Mills and Boon novel you found on your aunt’s bookshelf.

(Not like that.)



Declarations of Love And Other Useless Things2